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Code of Ethics

As a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist in good standing, I believe in, and accept the responsibilities and obligations inherent in providing remodeling services to the aging-in-place population. Basic to these ethical beliefs, I agree to abide by and support the following objectives:

To CONDUCT my business affairs with professionalism and skill.

To PROVIDE the best remodeling value possible.


To DEMONSTRATE patience, trust, and respect in communicating with the client.


To RESPECT the opinions and concerns of clients without bias, ageism or stereotyping.


To PROTECT the customer through the use of high quality materials and remodeling practices backed by integrity and service.


To MEET all of my financial obligations in a responsible manner.


To COMPLY with the spirit and letter of my business contracts, and manage all of my employees, subcontractors, and suppliers with fairness and honor.


To COMPLY with the rules and regulations prescribed by law and government agencies for the health, safety, and welfare of the aging-in-place community.


To PROVIDE timely response to items covered under warranty.


To SEEK  to resolve any controversy which I may become involved in through a non-litigation dispute resolution mechanism.


As a Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist, I assume the full responsibilities of this Code of Ethics freely, and am solemnly mindful that these responsibilities are a part of my obligation. I pledge my support to these Code of Ethics.

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