Frequently Asked Questions 
Aging in Place

Will Aging in Place modifications to my home affect my property values?

Yes, but in a positive way. The modifications that we recommend adhere to the concepts of “Universal Design” which are meant to produce homes that are inherently accessible to people of all ages and abilities, and as such, increase the value of your home.

How long do the modifications take to implement?

Some modifications take about a day. More extensive renovations will take longer, but generally not more than a few weeks (not months!).

Will the modifications give my home an institution or “hospital” look?

The designers and purveyors of Karas construction products have been very sensitive to these considerations. Most items to be installed in the home come in designer styles and colors. Many modifications, such as walk-in tubs and showers, or wider doorways, are now considered must have items that enhance both the appearance and value of the home.

Do I have to implement all the modifications at once?

No, when Karas construction designs your safety enhancements, we consider the immediate needs and solutions, with an eye toward making additional improvements simple add-ons, when and if needed. Our goal is to help you anticipate and plan for the changes in your home, that you might need in the future to assure your safety and well being.

Are the modifications expensive?

The cost of safety improvements in your home vary on the extent of the modifications. Just as in any remodel job, it can be as inexpensive as a can of paint or as expensive as a barrier free, universally designed apartment addition to a home. The cost is driven by the needs of the client.

Why consult with Karas Construction?

Certified Aging in Place Specialist, C.A.P.S. are credentials obtained and maintained by Dave Karas the owner, which show a passion for the subject that most others just do not share.

Is Karas Construction insured?

Yes, Karas construction maintains professional insurance workman’s compensation and vehicular insurance to protect our clients, and we urge people to only work with insured and qualified contractors.

What does a “Life Plan” have to do with home modification or remodeling?

Your lifestyle needs will change over time. Various services, products, and technologies can be planned to maximize the time during which you can comfortably remain in your home. Planning for these will enhance your home modification investment.

If we contact Karas construction, what can we expect?

You can expect an appointment quite rapidly, and you will be treated with respect, with your immediate needs and questions addressed. We will chat with you regarding your future plans and we will provide you with our ideas regarding how your home safety and comfort can be improved.

Since Karas Construction is a home modification/remodeling company, why do you provide other information on your website?

Successful Aging in Place truly involves much more than merely changing your home. Consequently, we want to help our clients, or potential clients inform themselves to the extent that they desire. One of the main reasons that people feel that they must leave the home that they love, is due to health or wellness issues. In many instances, lifestyle changes are possible that may help you remain in your home. A wealth of assistance is also available from local resources, and service providers can help you remain in your home, at a cost less than other alternatives.

If we contact Karas Construction about a small home modification, will you try to “upsell” us?

No, and our associates are not paid on a commission basis. When we talk to you about the whole suite of home modifications that can make your lifestyle safer and more pleasing, we are trying to help you plan for the future. When we serve your initial needs well, and you later see that you need additional home modification services, it is likely that you will contact us again. Our long term interest is to have you as a repeat client, and gain your trust so that you refer us to your friends.

Can my home be modified without looking “institutional”

You bet! Fortunately manufacturers are getting far better at providing products that serve the “accessibility market” without looking institutional, and Karas construction is familiar with these type of products. In addition, modern architectural design is transitioning to respecting “universal design” concepts, and you do not even notice these features, as they are becoming more common.

Why do you call home modification an “investment” instead of an expense.

We have several reasons for that. As you know, there are many home improvements which increase the value of the home, and when the home is sold, much of the cost is recovered. Since 10,000 Americans turn 65 each day, we believes that there will be a ready market for your improved home when it is time to sell. Spending money on a home modification that allows you to remain in your home is an investment, when compared to a monthly expense of moving to an independent or assisted living community, which can never be recovered.

Do you know of any financing options we could use?

* Always consult and check with a financial advisor first

  • Medicare benefits
  • Medicaid
  • Home and Community-based services; HCBS
  • Veterans programs
  • Private insurance coverage
  • Long Term care insurance
  • Non-profit assistance from your town, city, village or Church
  • Social Service agencies
  • Home equity loans
  • Reverse mortgages
  • Federal housing administration
  • The Home Modification loan program; HMLP
  • Yourself your family or your children
*Some equipment might also be tax deductible as a medical expense (* always check to verify this medical deduction first)

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