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 Preparing for your Future NOW 

It is human nature to wait until we need something before we get it. We don’t grab lunch until we’re hungry, we don’t get gas for a car until it’s empty. This is a system that generally serves us well, until it doesn’t.


It’s also human nature to convince ourselves that there’re some things that we will never need, which is why so many people find themselves with no long-term care insurance and not enough money saved for their retirement.


Even worse, very few of us embrace the fact that as we get older, it’s only going to get harder for us to get around our own homes. It’s a pretty sure bet that you and I will, at some point, have enough aches and pains that will be harder to climb steps, or even a single step, or lose enough strength that we need something to hold onto when we stand up or sit down. This is where Karas construction can help! We are “certified aging in place specialist”. We will help guide you through what changes to make that best suit your needs, your wants and your style.

Nobody’s going to want to buy your home later if the bathroom looks like it belongs in the hospital. It shouldn’t scream wheelchair when somebody looks at it. The proper modifications for aging in place

should have a “designed and stylish” appearance, and complement the rest of your homes decor.

Getting older isn’t an emergency. We all know it’s coming. But, it is human nature not the plan for it. I want to suggest that we reconsider that thought, that lack of acceptance. Don’t put off the inevitable. By embracing now what is surly to come, you can drastically change your future for the better! There’s nothing like staying at home for real independence, safety, and comfort.

Regardless of whether you have retired or not, this should be for you right now. If you haven’t retired, it means that you have time right now to think about your needs and researcher the options. Time to put together a plan that is good for you and your family. If you have already retired, putting a plan in motion now will help you maintain more control in your life. Building a plan now will help you deal with issues that you will ultimately have to deal with down the road, and also ease some of the burden your love ones will experience. For those caring for a parent or a loved one, it’s for you as well. You can be the most helpful by working together to ensure that their needs will be met and their wishes are respected. It shows them that you respect them, and you want to help ensure the dignity is kept intact.

Living in Massachusetts, we have some of the highest nursing home and assisted living costs in the nation. Careful consideration must be taken when deciding to give up your home and pay for these institutions, or you can take steps now to age in place. Our years of building remodeling experience provide aging in place solutions that are safe, functional, value added, and always aesthetically pleasing.

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